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Unbelts Classic

Unbelts Classic

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Our original belt - designed to move, flex, and change with you. Classic Unbelts come in a rainbow of colours and feature an elegant buckle with velvety-soft elastic.

  • Stretchy, comfy and adjustable from 24" to 54" hips.
  • Flat under tees - no more tiny mystery holes from bulky buckles.
  • 1/8"-thick all-metal buckle.
  • Machine-washable in your belt loops.
  • Beep-free in airport security.
  • Guaranteed to last... and to become totally indispensable.

Materials and Care

  • Materials: Hypoallergenic, airport-friendly zinc alloy hardware.
  • Care Instructions: Adjust to approximate length using slider and thread through belt loops Tighten or loosen as needed - no need to unthread Leave in belt loops on laundry day. Cold wash, hang to dry. Do not iron.

Supply Chain

  • All components sourced from factories verified to be providing living wages and safe working conditions.
  • Component factories subject to annual audit and twice-annual site visits.
  • Sewn in Unbelts' studio in Changping, China
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