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Pepe Menargues

New York Footwear 10905

New York Footwear 10905

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Discover luxury and comfort in every step with the 10905 sandal by Pepe Menargues. Designed to stand out, this women's sandal is made of the best quality leather, with an elegant metallic finish that will make you shine.

The 10905 sandal's velcro closure allows for a custom fit, giving you comfort and stability with every movement. Forget about worrying about a perfect fit and enjoy the security that this closure system provides.

The cushioned sole of the 10905 sandal ensures exceptional comfort all day long. With every step you take, you'll feel unparalleled softness and cushioning, keeping your feet cool and rested.

Thanks to its lightweight design, you can enjoy a feeling of freedom and lightness with every step. Additionally, the comfortable and stable platform of this sandal will provide you with a subtle lift, improving your posture and offering a safe and balanced ride.
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