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The Perfect Christmas Gift

The time is near! Santa has all his letters and the city is descending into a state of blind panic as the pressure to obtain the most perfect gift imaginable continues to grow. We’re making Christmas giving and receiving easy.

Looking to Get the Perfect Gift?

Stop by the store, pick a few things out for yourself. We have an ongoing naughty or nice list for our customers and we can add your picks to that list so when that special person comes in to buy you something, we’ll know exactly what you like and they can take their pick.

 Need to Give the Perfect Gift?

Send Your Special Someone Our Way

If you or your loved one has been in the store and added their want items to our naughty or nice list, it’s easy. We’ll show you what their selections are and you can pick out what you’d like for them.

Your loved one didn’t put their name on our naughty or nice list?  Not a problem! Our staff are amazing and will do everything to help pick out that perfect gift. We suggest listening for those subtle hints being dropped, like size and favourite colours.

Let Us Do Your Wrapping

Let us turn this…..

Into this….

Pressed for time?

Call Us or Visit Our Online Store and We’ll Deliver (Literally)

Call the store (306) 569-3733 and we’ll help you find the perfect gift over the phone or shop at our online store. Once we’ve found the perfect item for you, we’ll deliver it to you, wrapped or unwrapped. If you’re ordering on our online store, just add in the comments that you’d like the gift wrapped and what the occasion is. No need to leave the coziness of your couch or your office chair.

Still Can’t Decide?

We do Gift Cards in any denomination. Your loved one can choose what they like in the perfect size.