Shopping Night

If you love shopping and sipping cocktails with friends, we have the perfect opportunity for you to rally your closest friends and combine the two for a private shopping party at Bib and Tucker!

Private shopping parties are free and typically last 1.5 – 2 hours. Parties can be booked Monday – Saturday evenings after 6:00 pm or any time Sundays (makes for a great brunch party).

Step 1) Reach out to all your friends, and make sure you have at least ten stylish ladies who want to come shopping with you – but, the more the merrier! Make sure they can all make it to our store where the Shopping Party will take place: 2739 E Quance Street, Regina.

Step 2) Contact us and confirm a date and time. Pick a date that works for you and your group for your Private Shopping Party – we typically do our parties after regular store hours (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm) and will have the store closed JUST for your party. Guests can stagger throughout the event time, whenever is most convenient for them.

Step 3) Once you’ve picked your date and time, make sure to promote, promote, promote your party! We suggest making email invites and/or a Facebook invite to make sure you spread the word far and wide and get as many attendees to your party as possible (the more that come, the more rewards for you). We can help with ideas for and the design of a personalized invite for your party. Make sure to follow up with each guest personally via text or phone call to make sure they know how important their attendance is to you, and to confirm they will be coming.

Step 4) Due to SLGA Regulations (sorry!), you provide the wine and we’ll provide everything else including snacks of your preference. We also will provide a raffle drawing at each party, quantity and value of prizes is dependent on how many guests come to the party. Our staff will be available throughout your party to assist with any questions your guests have, help them find the perfect outfits and serve the refreshments.

Step 5) In addition to getting the 10% discount all guests receive, hostesses will also receive rewards equal to 5% of sales. You can use this toward the purchases of your choice or we are happy to make a donation to a charitable organizations at the same level as redeeming for store credit – we want to support the causes that are nearest and dearest to our customers’ hearts. We suggest the hostess wait until the end of the party to purchase your desired items, as you can then apply your rewards directly to your purchase that day.

If you’re interested in learning more, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you or call us at 306.569.3733.

Please include on the form:

  • Occasion of Shopping Party
  • Estimated # of guests
  • When you hope to have your private party (a range or a just a month if you aren’t sure!)