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Retail Sales Associate Job Description

Job Title:    Retail Sales Associate

Job Purpose:  To work on a team to provide personalized customer service. To maintain the appearance of the store. To monitor inventory and protect company assets.

Key Job Responsibilities:


1.    Act professionally by:

  • Maintaining a professional appearance
  • Remaining informed about the company
  • Continuously reviewing current advertising and promotions
  • Managing time efficiently

2.    Work as part of a team by:

  • Sharing ideas and information to drive sales
  • Participate in store meetings and events
  • Assisting in training and orientation of new employees
  • Working out scheduling issues

3.    Provide personalized customer service by:

  • Welcoming customers to the store
  • Making the shopping experience enjoyable for customers
  • Determining customers wants and needs
  • Answering questions about products
  • Offering alternative sales options
  • Informing customer of additional services

4.    Maximize sales by:

  • Responding to positive buying signals

  • Processing sales quickly
  • Assisting with Social Media as required
  • Informing customer of exchange and return policies
  • Packaging product appropriately
  • Maximizing the sale
  • Completing special orders
  • Shipping or delivering products to customer

5.    Providing after-sales service by:

  • Following through on commitments to customers
  • Maintaining key information about customers
  • Scheduling personal appointments with customers
  • Handling customer concerns or complaints
  • Handling customer returns

6.    Monitor inventory by:

  • Checking in product against paperwork
  • Ensuring accurate pricing on product
  • Locate product through inventory system
  • Participate in periodic inventory processes
  • Prepare returned product for resale
  • Return inventory to manufacturer/vendor

7.    Maintain the appearance of the store by:

  • Ensuring sufficient supplies for store use
  • Organizing stock room and storage areas
  • Cleaning selling and customer service areas
  • Reporting need for repairs or replacement
  • Arranging products
  • Maintaining displays following company guidelines

8.    Protect company assets by:

  • Securing cash register assets
  • Monitoring customers
  • Maintaining point of sale security
  • Monitoring dressing rooms
  • Monitoring floor products

9.    Follow safety precautions by:

  • Keeping workplace safe
  • Lifting and carrying objects safely
  • Following emergency procedures
  • Completing accuracy safety records

Education, Experience, and Other Requirements:

  • One to two years’ experience is required.
  • Must be able to stand, bend, and lift to carry out most of the job tasks.
  • 20 - 30 hours per week