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You May Have Heard A Rumour.....

And the rumour is true. We're so excited to announce that Bib and Tucker is moving at the end of January so we'll still be around the corner....just a different corner in the East end.  WE ARE AT OUR CURRENT LOCATION (2535 BROAD STREET) UNTIL THE END OF JANUARY, 2018 Stop in and we'll give you all the details. 

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Happy Friday and Happy Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Today is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.  They’re all the rage right now and we’re guessing you might have the perfect one hanging in your closet, just waiting to be pulled out at that perfect moment.  Does yours have jingles? Does it light up? Everybody loves an ugly Christmas sweater and today is the day to really rock it. Wondering how to do that? It’s quite simple. Make sure you don’t go over the top with what you wear with it. Wear it with neutral and classic pieces and you’ll be the belle of the ball. Keep it Simple Any piece you pick out to wear with your ugly sweater has to be simple!  Jeans or a monochrome skirt with plain leggings...

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Kickoff to the Holidays

Ahhhh my favourite time of the year….Christmas. The store is all decorated and I love the fairy lights, getting together with family and friends and magic in the air. The holiday buzz is just awesome – or wait is that the Peppermint Schnapps in our hot chocolate? There is no denying the Black Friday weekend is upon us. Say what? Bib and Tucker has turned American? Nope that’s not it. Black Friday is a tradition that Canadians have adopted from our American neighbours. We believe strongly in supporting our own economy and keeping our spending money in our own backyard. And since we can’t compete with the big box stores, this is just our little way of saying thank you...

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