How to Shop a Sale

Ready to hit up our sale? Here’s some advice to help you construct your plan of attack.

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Hit the store up before the sale starts

Be prepared. Visit the store ahead of time if possible to figure out which brands work best with you and what sizes you are after. Sizing varies between brands, but if you know your preferences and fits ahead of time you may not even need to try anything on at the store on the day of the sale. We’ve organized the store by size to make things easiest for you.

Don’t have time to check things out ahead of time?

No worries. Be sure to keep everything you are interested in, in your arms until you’ve decided 100 percent whether it’s a keeper or not.

Dress the part

Wear good undies. Sorry but a top or dress may not have the same look with a sports bra as it does with your regular bra. Never wear too many layers or awkward things to get on and off in the change rooms. We want life to be as easy for you as possible.

Bring a friend and better yet, a friend who’s a different size

Two sets of eyes are better than one. You can keep an eye out for awesome scores for one another and if you’re different sizes there’s no competition!

Think before you act (but don’t overthink)

Set a budget and stick to it. If it’s on sale, it’s a final sale. Don’t be afraid to make a slightly riskier style choice than you would at regular price. And if the price is right, it may be well worth it to pay to have an item altered if it needs a bit of tweaking.

Get an opinion

No matter what the deal, we don’t want you walking out with something that doesn’t make you look fantastic! Feel free to ask our opinion on a look.

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