Great Fall Activities To Do In Your Jammies

When Fall hits, the mercury starts to drop and your mind drifts off to thinking about warm, cozy sweaters, falling leaves and almost anything pumpkin and spice. But don't forget about the pajamas that just spell relaxation:

Take Your Time In The Morning - It's dark and chilly out. Take some time for you in the morning. Keep your PJ's on, grab your coffee and just lay in bed for ten minutes before your day starts.

Stay In Your Jammies - Who says you need to get dressed on a Sunday? Make yourself (or better yet, have someone else make it for you) a luscious stack of cinnamon French toast, drizzle them in Quebec maple syrup, and enjoy them in the comfort of your jams.

Take A Long Hot Bubble Bath - Lift your body, mind and spirit. Go ahead, lock the bathroom door. Before the water gets cold, hop out of the tub and into your best-loved pajamas that will take the warmth of the bubble bath with you to bed.


Snuggle In For A Romantic Comedy - A big bowl of popcorn, a glass of Merlot or a hot chocolate with marshmallows and "When Harry Met Sally" on the screen is a perfect Friday night.

Turn Off The World - This includes turning off all your electronics, grab your favourite blanket and get lost in a good book. When was the last time you did this?

Build A Blanket Fort - Seriously! 


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